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Sun-cooked Indian Damask Rose.

Ingredients - Damask Rose Petals, Honey, Cardamom, Betel Leaves, Saunf, Vark.

Our Gulkand is traditionally prepared using an ayurvedic process, the rose petals are sun cooked for a number of days, which helps retain the natural aroma, taste and nutritional benefit of the roses.

This ancient Indian digestive helps improve appetite and helps correct digestive troubles.

Being a natural cooling agent, Gulkand is quite useful in reducing heat-related problems like fatigue, mental stress, lethargy, aches, muscle pain and stomach heat.

Free from added pesticides and artificial treatments, the core nutritive benefit of the roses is preserved in this jam. We make sure that no artificial colour or flavour is added to it.


Paan Gulkand (Prepared in Honey)

    1. Anti-Inflammatory 
    2. Aids digestion. 
    3. Naturally rich in antioxidants. 
    4. A natural Coolant.
    5. Excellent source of energy.
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