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Mad Over Tea

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Chai pe charcha, nostalgia, sharing stories, nashta and deep rooted conversations all go really well with Indian Tea!

And India tea tastes best when prepared with spices (masala) and jaggery (gud). Trust me when I say Tea is so much more than a simple cup of hot liquid. It's an emotion; rather tea is a complete experience that involves an appreciation of culture, tradition, and flavor. The tea experience is further flavored by gossip, thoughts, ideas and so much more!

There is one more thing that is consumed a lot with tea but is really dangerous fir your health: yes, the culprit is refined white sugar which slowly enters in bits and pieces with our daily cup of tea, and it's addictive nature detoriates our immune system and causes various health problems like diabeties, obesity, fatty liver etc

We are here with a perfect solution, Gud (jaggery) chai masala. Our Gud Chai Masala contains no preservatives, synthetic colors or artificial flavors and absolutely NO Sulfur.

It is very easy to use - can be directly added to tea and boiled! It not only adds a RICH TASTE to tea but gives ample benefits. Our jaggery is rich in Iron, loaded with minerals & antioxidants! Healthy & Tasty alternative to refined white sugar! Made from organic sugarcane, Processed from pure Sugarcane Juice using the ancient cleaning method without any use of chemicals.

It also comes loaded with the many benefits Indian spices like cardamom, nutmeg, cloves & star anise that you need daily to maintain your health and stress free life.

The tea masala powder made with jaggery & spices gives your chai - a distinct earthy flavor.

Impress your guests ,friends & family with the most interesting and flavorful cup of tea they have ever had in their life using Doree's Gud chai masala powder for tea.

This aromatic chai masala can be gifted to your parents or your loved ones who are mad over tea!

It's time to venture on a wonderful tea journey everyday with Doree's Artisanal Gud Chai Masala. This fine combination of organic jaggery and spices is just the thing you need to stay away from refined sugar while enjoying your daily cup of tea!

We assure you will love your tea from the first sip to the last!

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